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Natural Dyes and their benefits to the Environment

Before the rise of synthetic-dyes, natural dyes were widely used for fabric production in countries like Egypt, China & India. Natural dyes or pigments are sustainable, biodegradable, non carcinogenic, and non-toxic.

They have eco-friendly ingredients that pose no threat to public health and the ecosystem. The natural pigments are gotten from plant parts like stems, leaves, fruit or flowers. They contain antimicrobial properties and do not cause allergens. Natural dyes used for fabric production do not produce harmful waste or cause Pollution as much as Synthetic Dyes.

With the numerous and adverse effects of synthetic dyes on humans and the planet,

the fashion industry needs to shift to using Sustainable goods for production. Using

Natural dyes is also safe for children too. Natural dyes supply enough UV absorption

in the clothing they are applied on. Wearing attires dyed naturally provides more

protection on the skin from harmful sun rays. Natural dyes are sourced from

renewable resources, skin-friendly, and disposing them in an Ethical way do not cause

any form of pollution.

Sustainability is essential not just in the textile sector but in everyday life and

activities. To improve the quality of life and preserve the planet, It is crucial to

embrace sustainable goods and the use of eco-friendly products.

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