At Green Life Aura

At Green life Aura, we are committed to bring awareness about sustainable fashion to the consumers. We want to export high quality products which are completely biodegradable. Our fabrics are mainly made of 100% Organic cotton, Khadi (Hand-Loomed Cotton), Hemp, Recycled cotton, Kala cotton & Bamboo.

We only promote Eco-Friendly dyeing practices that use Natural, Zero-Waste & Low Impact dyes which are GOTS certified. Our company's mission is to sell high quality sustainable clothing. We are a B2B export based company mainly servicing white label requirements for our clientele. Our fabrics are only sourced from GOTS certified suppliers.

We strive to create a greener & cleaner world for future generations. We aim to achieve this by playing our part in making our audiences understand the pitfalls & externalities created by the Synthetic Fabric & Dyeing Industries that pollute our environment. It's time to be conscious about what we wear by championing sustainable clothing and integrating it into our daily lifestyles.